Love Don't Need A Reason

“Love Don’t Need A Reason” is a song written by Michael Callen, Peter Allen and Marsha Malamet.

It was first performed by Peter at AIDS Walk New York in 1987; Mike sang it at virtually every such event in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco until his death in December, 1993.  He also performed the tune at dozens of other mass gatherings, including the 1993 March on Washington and several Names Project Quilt events, as well as on various network-television shows.  Michael, Peter and Marsha all recorded the tune.

It’s on Mike’s debut album, Purple Heart; Peter’s version is on Making Every Moment Countand Marsha’s version appears on the compilation A Love Worth Fighting For.  

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“Love Don’t Need A Reason” has also been recorded by a number of other artists:

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