Lyrics – 6. Love Don't Need A Reason

Peter Allen, Michael Callen & Marsha Malamet
Warner Bros. Publishing Co. (ASCAP),
Tops and Bottoms Music and Malamution Music (BMI)

If your heart always did
what a normal heart should do
If you always play a part
instead of being
who you really are

Then you might just miss the
one who’s standing there
So instead of passing by
show him that you care
Instead of asking why
Why me? And why you?
Why not we two?

Love don’t need a reason
Love don’t always rhyme
And love is all we have for now
What we don’t have is time

If we always believe
all the madness that we’re taught
Never questioning the rules
then we’re living lies
we bought so long ago
How are they to know?

It’s not who’s wrong or right
it’s just another way
And I don’t wanna fight
But know I’m gonna stay
with you till the end
With you my friend


I’ll hold you close
time can’t tear us apart
Forever, I will stand by you
We’ve got to start
with the beat of one heart
We will see this through

Love don’t need a reason
Love’s never a crime
And love is all we have for now
What we don’t have
what we don’t have is time

Keyboards: Marsha Malamet