Lyrics – 9. Crazy World

Michael Callen
Tops and Bottoms Music (BMI)

I dream such dreams
Ones where boy gets boy
And girl gets girl
It seems to me
We’re all just victims of anatomy
Can’t they see?
This is a crazy world
I’m so lonely
Feel like the only one
Who ever felt this way
Could deceive them
But I don’t believe them
No matter what other people say
I’m gonna stay with you
Even in this crazy world

They’re always sayin’
This world needs more love
But somehow, not our kind
It makes no sense how they pick and choose
When we could use more love
However we find it
Then I’m reminded,
Hey, we live in a crazy world
Tell me why
I should have to justify the way I love
Why explain?
But I can’t lie
I won’t even try to pretend
In the end, it would cause too much pain
Drive us insane
In an already crazy world


I say love’s o.k.
Anywhere, any way
Don’t you agree?
So come and play with me
We’ll play at being free
I think that they need to see
How beautiful such love can be
That might fix this
Mixed up crazy world