Lyrics – 7. Roundabout

Ogden Nash and Vernon Duke

When you look life in the face
There’s too much time
There’s too much space
There’s too much future
Too much past
Man is so little
and the world so vast
You may fancy yourself
as an immortal creature
But we’re just a cartoon
Between a double feature
You go

and roundabout
and roundabout you go
For an olden spell
Is wound about the game
Then it’s ring around
And swing around
Your partners as you go
But the more they change
The more they are the same

When the dancing is done
And you’re back where you started
When the music begins
It plays the same old tune

Then its roundabout
and roundabout
and roundabout once more
As you pray again
Each day again to soar
On your way again
It’s roundabout once more