Lyrics – 6. Two Men Dance the Tango

Tom Judson
Hey, Music! (BMI)

You’d hardly think it queer if you saw two men drinking beer
it’s rather common and most expected
It’s not a sight that shocks, two men trading bonds and stocks
it happens daily; I know, I checked it
If you saw two men cowpokes you would sing `Home on the Range’
and two men fighting fires is anything but strange
Then why should it matter if
What’s the commotion if
Who cares if…

Two men dance the tango together in the moonlight
A sultry tune might provoke an impromptu turn
If their duet shows a hint of style
Should they be put on trial?
When does a backward dip give cause for concern?
They know excitement lies in store when they trip the light fantastic
There’s nothing drastic in feeling the beat within
You’ll find adventure in one, two, three
So just remember, when next you see
Two men dance the tango together
You should join right in!

Two fellows on a date who find that things aren’t going great
begin to panic; they’ve made a blunder
The evening shows no hope, in fact they’re running out of rope
Like the Titanic, they’re going under
But then the band starts pounding a fiery old tattoo
When Latin beats are sounding what are two boys to do?
They leap up from out their seats
Toward that hypnotic beat
And then those

Two men dance the tango together with abandon
There’s nothing planned in the rhythmic relief it brings
What sound in heaven could be more pleasing
Than an accordion’s wheezing?
Just hear that violin caressing its strings!
When flavors of the Argentine start to issue from the bandstand
Oh it’s a grandstand where romance begins to grow
There is no reason for asking why
Don’t lose composure if you should spy
Two men dance the tango together
Maybe you should too!
Oh, ev’ry chance they can go men go to a dance and tango so should you!