Lyrics – 5. Now

Michael Callen
Tops and Bottoms Music (BMI)

When I was young
I believed
I’d live to see
A better world
A brotherhood
Between black and white
Oh…We had a dream

We would win
‘Cause we were right
There’d be revolution overnight
No more injustice
No more fear
Change was gonna come
It all seemed so clear

How much longer
Will it take
‘Cause I don’t want to wait

Why can’t it be now
I want justice now

And then there was the ERA
A cry for justice and fair play
Sisterhood was such a powerful dream
Oh, and I believed
But after too many battles
Too much pain
So much loss for so little gain
I’m still tryin’ to hold on Refuse to give in
Just a little longer
I know we can win

But I’m tired of all the shouting
I’m sick of all the hate
And I don’t want to wait

Why can’t it be now
I want it now

Our right to love
The way we choose
Has been my final battle
I’ve paid my dues
I’m battered and bruised
But I’m still standing tall

And I still believe that one day
We will walk the streets
holding hands
our heads held high
You and I
And passersby will smile hello

Hold onto your dreams
Stand up for what’s right
And let love sustain the fight

Imagine it
Envision it
A brotherhood now
A sisterhood now
Fight for it now