Lyrics – 4. 6:30 Sunday Morning/Right as the Rain

Peter Allen
Music of the Times Publishing Corp.
Harold Arlen & E. Y. Harburg
Chappell & Co.

Six thirty
Sunday morning
And it’s raining
The kind of rain
You only find
On the West Side

Six thirty
Sunday morning
Someone’s jogging
The way he runs
Makes me think he’s
from the East Side

Oh, it’s beautiful
You can get in tune
And see more life, alone,
On a Central Park morning
Than on a country afternoon

Six thirty
Early autumn
Leaves have fallen
Let ’em sleep
They will keep my secrets
I wish there were more rainy Sundays
To make up for Saturday nights

Right as the rain
That falls from above
So real
So right
Is our love

It came like the spring
That breaks through the snow
And I can’t say what it may bring
I only know
I only know

It’s right to believe
Whatever gave your eyes this glow
Whatever gave my heart this song
Can’t be wrong

It’s right as the rain
That falls from above
And fills the world
With the bloom
of our love