Lyrics – 9. On The Other Side

Music by Michael Callen
Lyrics by Michael Callen and Robert Butler
Tops and Bottoms Music (BMI)

There’s a fire burning in your eyes
a fire that takes my breath away
a train goes rumbling through the dark

You catch my stare
You hesitate
You check your watch
and look away
And I can only feel
the racing of my heart

Don’t pity me
I’ve played this game too long
Oh, I have loved
and I have lied
And I’m just trying to reach you
on the other side
Oh, won’t you give me just a little sign

You run your fingers through your hair
Each movement seems so well-planned
A downtown train goes screaming by
and I’m stranded here
on the other side


Meet me half way
Just meet me half way

We live our lives underground
We hear our own despair
echo down the stairs

I don’t wanna wait anymore
I don’t wanna wait anymore

Piano: Michael Callen