Lyrics – 8. Nobody's Fool

Michael Callen
Tops and Bottoms Music (BMI)

Talk to your Daddy
He misses you. He does–
In his own way
I know it was rough
for you and your brother
but do it for me
Talk to your Daddy

If you could see him
through my eyes
sometimes he tries so hard
But he’s old now
and he’s set in his ways
And sometimes I worry
he’s just counting the days
Please talk to your Daddy

Hello? Son?
Yeah, your Mom said it was you
How’s the job?
Who me? Hell, I’m just old
and gettin’ older
How’s the weather there?
It’s gettin’ colder here

Wish you could come home…
and see your Mom
She sure misses you boys
What’d you say?
Mama, turn down that TV!
You know I can’t hear
with all that noise
She sure misses her boys

Your brother called the other day
said he got screwed out of a
whole day’s pay
Him and some foreman,
they got in a fight
That boy’s got a bad temper
I told him it served him right

Your mother says I’m too hard on everyone
But I ain’t nobody’s fool
Do unto others
before they do unto you
That’s my golden rule
I ain’t nobody’s fool

How long we been talkin’?
I ain’t made of money
Honey, come and say goodbye
Take care now and call your Mom
I’ll let you go now
Anything you need…
just let me know

Now, some would say
I’m just my father’s son
that I am cold and distant and
hard on everyone
Father to son, now son to lover
I judge you and begrudge you
the love you need

I wanna be a fool
I wanna be a fool
I wanna be your fool

Piano: Michael Callen