Lyrics – 2. Me & Dickie D

Michael Callen
Tops and Bottoms Music (BMI)

Dickie D he loves to dance
and he loves to talk bad jive
Play Lady Soul or rock’n’roll
and that man come alive
No disco beat can move his feet
like Motown
It’s rhythm’n’blues
that move his shoes
See Dickie D get down

See him go

Bump Bump Bump
That man is a dancin’ fool
His hips
Hump, a-hump, hump
Like he believe in the golden rule
Like a kangaroo now
Me and you
We go
Bump, a-bump, bump

See him on that dance floor
workin’ up a mean sweat
As he spins and dips
and shakes his hips
He says “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”
He’s my pride and joy
My Nice Jewish Boy
He’s my Dickie D dancin’ delight
I’m so proud
when he parts the crowd
and he grabs me and says
“Hold on tight!”

As we go
Bump Bump Bump
I’m so happy when me and Dickie D go
Bump, a-bump, bump

Him and me,
we make such sweet harmony
I play the piano (well . . . so-so)
Dickie sings bass and I sing soprano
Oh, I love that melody

As we go
Bump, a-bump, bump

Though he does like baseball
and he hangs out at the gym
Though he’s got no cash
and’s always talkin’ trash,
still, I guess I’m gonna stay
with him
‘Cause he can be real sweet
and he can keep a beat
Yeah, he’s all right
He’s got that rhythm
and when I’m with him
All I wanna do is dance all night

I wanna dance and go
Bump Bump Bump
I’m so happy when me and Dickie D go
Bump, a-bump, bump

Piano: Jonathan Hardy
Bass: Pam “Rabbit” Brandt
Saxophones and sax arrangements: John Hagen
Guitar: Richard Lloyd
Drums: Richard Dworkin